Job Board

Openings at ODLE contracts are as follows:

Odle Corporate Office
Scottsdale, AZ:

Quality Assurance Specialist

Long Beach Job Corps Center
Long Beach, CA:

Cafeteria Attendant
CTS Secretary
Education and Training Secretary
Maintenance Technician
Mobile Advisor
OA Counselor
Residential Advisor (Part-Time and On-Call)

New Orleans Job Corps Center
New Orleans, LA:

Security Officer
Wellness Clerk

Pittsburgh Job Corps Center
Pittsburgh, PA:

Academic Instructor
Facility Maintenance Instructor
Health & Wellness Clerk (Part-Time)
Maintenance Worker
Mobile Advisor
Nurse Assistant Instructor
Recreation Specialist
Residential Advisor

Little Rock Job Corps Center
Little Rock, AR:

CTS Specialist-Fort Smith, AR
TEAP Specialist
WBL Coordinator
Wellness Manager

Pinellas County Job Corps Center
St. Petersburg, FL

Residential Advisor (Male)
Residential Advisor (Female)
Residential Advisor (On-Call)
Security Officer (On-Call)
Shift Supervisor
SGA Advisor
Substitute Instructor

Old Dominion Job Corps Center
Monroe, VA:

Academic Instructor (2)
Career Counselor (2)
Human Resources Assistant
Licensed Practical Nurse
Mobile Advisor
Property Clerk
Residential Advisor (3)

David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center
El Paso, TX:

Admissions Counselor
Automotive Instructor
Driver (Part-time)
Mobile Advisor
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Supervisor
Residential Advisor (Part-time)
Senior Career Transition Specialist

Tulsa Job Corps Center
Tulsa, OK:

Academic Instructor
ACT/OCT Instructor
Admissions Counselor
Career Counselor
Career Transition Readiness II
Licensed Practical Nurse
Mobile Advisor
Recreation Assistant (Part-Time)
Residential Advisor
Scheduling/Attendance Clerk
Substitute Academic Instructor
Substitute Residential Advisor
Wellness Clerk

Gainesville Job Corps Center
Gainesville, FL:

Mobile Advisor (2)
Senior Mobile Advisor