Liz Rice, Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant

After earning her degree in English Education from Calumet College of St. Joseph in
Whiting, Indiana, Liz began her career as an English teacher at a newly-opened Junior
High School in the Chicago suburbs. Not long after, she caught the wave of community
colleges coming on the scene and taught Business English and Communications at
Triton College in Elk Grove, Illinois.

Eventually, she entered the business world via Sears Roebuck and Co’s corporate
office in Sears Tower, Chicago. She progressed through various positions, including
public relations for Homart Development Company, the shopping center arm of the
company; Press Relations, Marketing, and Buyer for the parent retailer. Later, she
joined Cable & Wireless, a world-wide communications company and internet provider,
serving as a sales trainer.

Liz moved to Arizona in 2006 and joined Odle Management in 2013. With her history as
an educator and trainer, she was drawn to Odle’s mission to serve disadvantaged youth
through Job Corps. She resides in Scottsdale, AZ. An animal -lover and occasional
volunteer for a local animal shelter, she also enjoys socializing with friends, movies, and