Jorge Pedroza, Center Director David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center

Center Director Carrasco

Currently Mr. Jorge Pedroza is the Center Director at the David L. Carrasco Job Corps
Center. As the Center Director, he is responsible for the entire center operations,
students and staff.

Mr. Pedroza has over 16 years of Job Corps experiences. During his career his
responsibilities included facilitating strategies for career counseling, behavior
management, and social development student services which impacted center
performance. He developed and applied new strategies for behavior modification on
trainees who experienced difficulty adjusting to social changes. He helped students
adjust to the center life, develop employability skills and provides services and referral
for employment needs. He demonstrates the ability to prioritize and remain focused on
the essence of an issue. His career with Job Corps has lead him to positions as Deputy
Center Director and Center Director positions.

Mr. Pedroza earned a BS Degree in Applied Linguistics from Quindio University in
Colombia and a MS Degree in Psychology from Phoenix University. He speaks three
languages, which include English, Spanish and French. Other skills he possess
includes; Translator (Spanish-English-French) and computer technology.