Job Board

Openings at ODLE contracts are as follows:

Odle Corporate Office
Scottsdale, AZ:
Internal Auditor
Long Beach Job Corps Center
Long Beach, CA:Career Counselor

Outreach & Admissions Counselor
Mobile Advisor
Recreation Assistant
Registered Nurse
Residential Advisor (Graveyard Shift)
Wellness Manager

New Orleans Job Corps Center
New Orleans, LA:

Career Transition Specialist
CTS Manager
Student Records Clerk
Substitute Instructor (On-Call)

Pittsburgh Job Corps Center
Pittsburgh, PA:

Career Counselor
CPP/ Counseling Clerk
Finance & Administration Assistant
Lab Assistant (.5 FTE)
Maintenance Worker
Mobile Advisor
Recreation Specialist
Residential Advisor
TEAP Specialist
WBL/ Job Developer

Little Rock Job Corps Center
Little Rock, AR:

Accounting Clerk
CTT Substitute
Licensed Practical Nurse
Maintenance Worker

Pinellas County Job Corps Center
St. Petersburg, FL

Residential Advisor (Male)
Residential Advisor (Female)
Residential Advisor (On-Call)
Security Officer (On-Call)
Shift Supervisor
SGA Advisor
Substitute Instructor

Old Dominion Job Corps Center
Monroe, VA:

Academic Instructor
Residential Advisor
Security Instructor

David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center
El Paso, TX:

Admissions Counselor
Cafeteria Attendant
Career Counselor
Driver (Part-Time)
Executive Assistant
Lifeguard/Recreation Assistant (Part-Time)
Maintenance Technician
Residential Advisor (Part-Time)
Welding Instructor

Tulsa Job Corps Center
Tulsa, OK:

Academic Instructor (2)
Accounting Clerk
Admissions Counselor, Oklahoma City Area
Cafeteria Attendant
Career Transition Readiness Instructor
Career Transition Specialist
Career Counselor
Center Standards and Incentives Supervisor
Cooks Helper (2)
Dorm Coordinator
Education & Training Director
Food Service Supervisor
Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor (TEAP Specialist)
Mobile Advisor
Recreation Assistant Part-Time (2)
Residential Living Advisor (2)
Senior Mobile Advisor
Shift Supervisor (Residential Living)
Substitute Academic Instructor

Gainesville Job Corps Center
Gainesville, FL:

Mobile Advisor (2)
Senior Mobile Advisor

Workforce Services:

Career Manager (Bartlesville, OK)
Career Manager (Okmulgee, OK)
Workforce System Coordinator (One Stop Operator-Western OK)