Roanne Francisco, Director, Education & Training

Ms. Roanne Francisco is ODLE’s Education and Training Director. She brings more than 13 years of Job Corps experience with proven track record of excellent performance in the management of Education and Training component of Job Corps Center operations. As a seasoned Job Corps Director and Corporate Technical Manager, she provides corporate-wide education and training management and administered company-wide training summits for all education and training and counseling management teams for each of ODLE Centers. Her solid Job Corps background included center performance assessments; process improvement design and implementation; Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis and monitoring; Information Technology, Mathematics and GED instruction; and she mentored a center’s robotics team at the U.S. First and VEX competitions. She was also requested by the San Francisco Regional Office to participate in the Regional Office Center Assessment (ROCA) for a conservation center in the region. While serving as the Deputy Director for Treasure Island JCC, she was the key management staff that implemented education and training strategies to make this center as a top performing center in the nation and the region. She also served as Corporate Technical Manager for the Job Corps contractor providing technical support and training to more than 10 Job Corps Centers in the area of Education and Training. She also worked with at-risk students at different SIATech (School for Integrated Academics and Technologies) campuses. Ms. Francisco’s career began in the Information Technology (IT) industry. She held different IT positions such as a Programmer/Quality Assurance Engineer for a Computer Technical/Consulting firm; Senior Systems Engineer for a well-known insurance fund company and Quality Assurance Engineer for a Software Engineering dotcom company in the Silicon Valley. For a number of years, Ms. Francisco also served as a Robotics Mentor to a number of Robotics teams in various competitions sponsored by US FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and VEX Robotics competition.

Ms. Francisco possesses a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics with Computer Applications and graduated No. 1 in her graduating class. She has completed coursework for a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ms. Francisco obtained various academic and technical credentials including teaching credential from Santa Clara University in California.