About us

Odle Management Group is a seasoned workforce development provider, specializing in adult and youth services under the United States Department of Labor, Office of Job Corps and varied states’ Workforce Development Boards. Odle Management offers a broad range of workforce development services, including employment training and community partnership-building.

Odle Corporate Office – Scottsdale, AZ

Eckerd Connects Corporate Office – Clearwater, FL

David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center w/OA/CTS – El Paso, TX
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Albuquerque Job Corps Center- Albuquerque, NM

Potomac Job Corps Center – Washington DC
Potomac Job Corps Center

New Orleans Job Corps Center w/OA/CTS – New Orleans, LA
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Old Dominion Job Corps Center – Monroe, VA
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Pittsburgh Job Corps Center w/OA/CTS – Pittsburgh, PA
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Tulsa Job Corps Center w/OA/CTS – Tulsa, OK

Lisa Odle President/CEO
June Rentas Sr. Vice President, Operations
Thomas Rainey Vice President, Operations
Roanne Francisco Vice President, Operations and Publications
Chris Herro Chief Financial Officer
Sandra Collins Executive Director, Data Integrity
Gary Ray Director, Operations
Tim Foley Director, Facilities Mgmt, CTST, Food Services
Tom Mattingly Manager, Administration
Dale Kuhn Sr. Executive Assistant
Andrea Miller Sr. Payroll Specialist
Donna May Accounting Specialist
Jodele Plunkett Travel Coordinator
Carl Hilliard Center Director, Tulsa Job Corps Center
Michael Fernandez Center Director, New Orleans Job Corps Center
Mr. Sam Kolapo Center Director, Albuquerque Job Corps Center
Kenneth Williams Center Director, Old Dominion Job Corps Center
Bob Gottschalk Center Director, Pittsburgh Job Corps Center
Omoniyi Amoran Center Director, Pinellas County Job Corps Center
Doe Attipoe Center Director, David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center